Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Livestock Editions is pleased to announce the release of the newest issue of summer stock, a literary journal for humanimals.

Issue #8 features an exciting mix of poetry, prose and word art by Hoa Nguyen, David Bartone, Carla Harryman, Charles Bernstein, j/j hastain, Ben Hersey, Robert Roley, Suzanne Mercury, Jennifer Pilch, Patrick Pritchett, Audrey Mardavich, Iona Watson, Travis Macdonald, Linh Dinh, Jessica Rogers, Heather Sweeney, as well as collaborations between Yasamin Ghiasi & Michelle Naka Pierce, and Erica Anzalone & Ashley Siegels.

Please visit us at http://www.summerstockjournal.com .

honk. gobble. moo.
Ye Livestock Editors

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Summer Stock Opens Submissions Playpen!

Livestock Editions is currently reading submissions for Summer Stock #8, our annual literary journal to be released in late summer 2014.

We like poetry & all hybrid sorts, outrider forms & trans-genres unlimited: vispo, prose poetry, poetic plays, translation, collaboration, serials, languagy artwork, founds, experimental review, & "poetry poetry"!
To submit: email 5ish pages of your best to livestockeditions [at] gmail [dot] com by July 15th. Include a brief bio, & process note, if you'd like. (Word doc, & jpeg for visuals, please.)

Please visit summerstockjournal.com to read past issues & see what we (have been) like before submitting. We look forward to reading your work, ye lovely humanimals!

Ye Livestock Editors 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Portraits - Captions by Elizabeth Guthrie Now Available!

Hey folks, Excited to pass along an announcement of a new book of poetry by one of our very own Livestock Editions editors. Elizabeth Guthrie's first full-length poetry book, Portraits - Captions is now available from Contraband Books, a small press located in the UK.

From the publisher: "Portraits - Captions: one iteration of ten from a pretext in the pursuit of a more fully realized form of poetic play. Within are the elements of a subject and its context as it is played upon and acted out in an evolution of platforms, from nation to the real present."

The book features specially commissioned cover-art by John Dunbar.

£7.99 (inc P&P) To order, visit Contraband Books here.

Congratulations, Liz!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer Stock Issue 7 Now Online!

Livestock Editions is pleased as huckleberry pie to announce the release of Summer Stock, Issue 7: UK Poetry Dossier (Available at www.summerstockjournal.com). Curated by Livestock editor Elizabeth Guthrie, this year’s online poetry crop offers exciting explorations & currencies in experimental poetry from the United Kingdom.
Issue 7 features wild woolly bully writing & literary multimedia from these Brit All Stars: Tim Atkins. Sean Bonney. Paul Buck. Becky Cremin. Laura Foster Twigg. Chris Gutkind. Alan Hay. Jeff Hilson. Peter Jaeger. Antony John. Sarah Kelley. David Kelly. Fabian Macpherson. Sophie Mayer. Richard Parker. Jessica Pujol. Nat Raha. Connie Scozzaro. Marcus Slease.  Linus Slug. James Wilkes. Steve Willey. & a collaboration between Steven Fowler & Tim Atkins.

We dedicate this year’s issue to the memory of beloved poet/translator/critic/advisor Anselm Hollo, who passed away earlier this year. Anselm’s life of radical outrider poetry is a shining inspiration to all of us at Livestock. We love you and miss you, Anselm.
Please help spread the word by passing this announcement along to your fellow humanimals. We hope you enjoy this year’s late harvest. The calendar may say it’s technically Autumn, but it’s always Summer Stock in our hearts!

The Livestock Editors

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coming Soon!

Summer Stock, Issue #7! A special UK Dossier, featuring writing and artworks by:

Tim Atkins. Sean Bonney. Paul Buck. Becky Cremin. Laura Foster Twigg. Steven Fowler/Tim Atkins. Chris Gutkind. Alan Hay. Jeff Hilson. Peter Jaeger. Antony John. Sarah Kelley. David Kelly. Fabian Macpherson. Sophie Mayer. Richard Parker. Jessica Pujol. Nat Raha. Connie Scozzaro. Marcus Slease. Linus Slug. James Wilkes. Steve Willey.

Stay tuned for the release announcement. Until then, you can catch up on past issues at:


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i.m. Anselm Hollo (1934-2013)

“In the Raging Balance”
by Anselm Hollo

Energy, the man said, equals
Eternal Delight. Does our return to it
mean shedding all that was our art?
Task of The Living: to ask questions
of The Dead. You did it well, you
Weird and Funny Dude! I thank you
and wish you a good Eternal Night
in Tunisia or wherever you’ve taken
The Show. “The winds on the moon
blow so cold, so cold” could be a refrain
but isn’t nor will this last line rhyme
with anything but tears then again why
should it be the last line and come to
think of it it couldn’t possibly be

Saturday, November 24, 2012

/ter/ in the /tir/

something like a review of I Have Blinded Myself Writing This
by Jess Stoner
published by Short Flight/Long Drive Books in 2012

Henri Bergson’s Matter and Memory examined the tenuous relationship between spirit and thingness that shapes the natural order. One of the adhering processes is that of the mind’s recorded impression, or memory.

Stoner’s I Have Blinded Myself Writing This is the story of a woman whose day-to-day existence is threatened by potential injury. Every time she is physically injured, a memory disappears. Her everyday behaviors – and her relationship to the things and people around her – are marked as precarious, potentially damaging relationships...