Friday, June 27, 2008

dear disconnect,

we speak of resentment as an old hat bent one too many times around the brim. but our collective intolerance became things that were essentially different. ever narrowing circles. the anguish of answering questions. voluptuous imaginings. pushing rude sex back into the obscene. I never uttered that loose word. that interdiction or concealment. it was hard to know this as politics. an entirely theoretical elaboration. sexual manuals newlyweds. and never has perversion noted such strange ass. the most numerous and searching details. nakedness persuading shapes of rationality. unusual erotic art. sustained--but not without trembling a little.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Now Available!

Slumgullion Press Presents
"Between Here and the Telescopes"
Collaborations in Poetry by Elizabeth J. Guthrie & Andrew K. Peterson
"As happy proof of the truth of no boundaried person, the two find speech between and string it with bright word-shapes and their fellows. This book of poems is happy to have been made in that garden where "half my voice/is yours, all of it here" and "sings there here, hear." These are almost invisible collaborations, and a wonderful contribution to the growing literature of that way of making." - Reed Bye
"With "Between Here and the Telescopes" Elizabeth Guthrie and Andrew Peterson have generated work that is as unpredictable as it is inevitable. One is drawn in by its unfailing focus, then held by the certainty of the language." - Junior Burke
"Somewhere some poets are having a dialogue and in doing that they skip across borders of authorship, narrativity, and what I imagine to be imaginary constraints, to unveil the mind as a collection of possibilities. It's happening here, where "Between Here and the Telescopes" restages collaboration. In these gorgeous poems, (Peterson and Guthrie) play with experimentation, voice, location and dislocation, cut-ups, abstractions, the quotidian and the familiar, to gather, gorgeously and unselfconsciously, a poetics of possibility. That is what is happening now. Glad I'm here in this new century to receive it. - Akilah Oliver
Chapbook: 48 pages, side stich binding.
Wood engraving, cover design/printing by
Dirk E. Lee at Naked Man Press, Missoula, MT.
For ordering, contact:
&/or visit:

Friday, June 06, 2008

yesterdays tomorrow

on roman jakobson's early piece..."the tasks of Artistic Propaganda," Stephen Rudy has to say..."...formulated according to the Formalist credo that any work of art is a deformation of previous works, which affords literary evolution a dynamic nature. It goes on to debunk the notion of popular appeal as a measure of a work's value, a conservative tendency that is opposed to 'truly revolutionary artistic enlightenment,' the task of which is 'the revolutionizing of cultural, in particular, aesthetic habits' and 'the overcoming of artistic statics."