Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Cornered Rooms. Facing In Facing Out
Seminar: Poetic Corners. From Modernist Spaces to Homecomings
4 pm, 16 October 2010
Waterside Project Space, London

The exhibition "Cornered Rooms" is about corners and being cornered
within the context of contemporary architectural exit codes. The
exhibition will take place from 2 September - 17 October at Waterside
Project Space London. Works by the following artists will be shown
Hreinn Fridfinnsson (b.1943 Iceland), Karim Noureldin (b. 1967 Switzerland),
Anna Ostoya (b.1978 Poland), Damien Roach (b. 1980 England),
Egill Sæbjörnsson (b.1973 Iceland), and Patrick Tuttofuoco (b. 1974 Italy).

Near the end of the exhibition on 16 October there will be a seminar
with Stephan Trüby. Trüby is the author of the book "Exit-Architecture.
Design between War and Peace". He will speak about his concept, 'exit
architecture', and discuss how the corner is presented in "The Poetics of
a Wall Projection" by Jan Turnovsky. Alice Gavin a PhD candidate from
the London Consortium will speak about how Samuel Beckett and his
contemporaries install characters in tight corners, both architecturally
and ontologically. The poet and PhD candidate Elizabeth Guthrie will perform
"Dub-Notes - to Refrain (from Condition)" a body of text projected onto the wall.
"Dub-Notes" is the superimposition of the psyche, the dreamscape of the
dislocated voice within a room. As once said by Gaston Bachelard in
"The Poetics of Space": "Our house is our corner of the world. As has often
been said, it is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the word."
The concept of the 'home' today as between longing and leaving will be explored
by the London Consortium PhD candidate Elia Ntaousani. As our relationship to space
has changed so have the dimensions of home and homeland. Ntaousani will open up a
dialogue between staying and leaving, homeland and homepage, of alterity and foreignness.
The goal is to engage the audience of artists and students of the London Consortium with the speakers in a form of dialogue within the context of the exhibition "Cornered Rooms".