Thursday, June 28, 2007

A poem by Robert Roley

for Jared Hayes

agambenjamin and creekups
without a duck
fucking paddle
stolen velocities
what keep us moving

I recieved this poem via email exactly one day after ranting to Mr. Robert Roley about history and dialectical approaches poetry etc...anyway he gets more of whatever it was i blathered on about in these 5 lines than i probably did the whole time...Gotta love Bob!

Picture of Boulder Creek directly behind Naropa taken by Tim Armentrout...this was our favorite "meditation" spot.

It reads a little differently with Roley's signature line breaks but i can't figure out how to keep em...(can anyone tell me how to do line breaks in html so that this poem reads correctly).

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007


hey everyone...just arrived in boulder about a week ago...everything went well...the drive was as expected: crappy food, cheap coffee, long hours, a hankering for some crazy. rebecca and i are staying with her family for a while until we find a place and i find some consistent work...the sbux will do for now but i'm ultimately looking for a way out. andy peterson and i expressed this concern over dope and cocktails, as he is also itching to scat away from b & n. damn corporate america...seems like the only places that ever hire are the monsters. life's been interesting though...getting a chance to recommune with rebecca's family...not to mention i got together with jen and michael a few days ago for a little mountain sun and laughs...they seem well and quite excited for their move. anyway, if anyone is still in boulder you should ring me up...we'll have a blast...and by the way mr. sakkis...we may or may not be making our way to l.a. but maybe we'll see you here...that goes for the rest of you as well...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Throughout the week my work will be appearing here.