Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

new work [updated]

Some work from some deer left the yard moving day has just been spotted at Elective Affinities - "a cooperative anthology of u.s. contemporary poetry" - deftly edited by Carlos Soto Roman out of Philadelphia. To read, click here.


a selection from my some deer left the yard moving day manscript have also been placed gently in The Golden Lantern, an online zine that publishes Buddhist/Taoist inspired poetry. To read, click here. (& once there, you can navigate via clicking on the little triangles at the bottom of each poem...)

Saturday, August 06, 2011

summer stock, "a literary journal for animals", returns!

Livestock Editions is proud to announce the release of summer stock, an online lit journal for animals! (Available at: Our premiere online issue features a happily varied company of lyric/conceptual/serial poetry, prose, vispo, collage-postcards and photography by some very talented animals:

Cara Benson, Megan Burns, Reed Bye, Amina Cain, JenMarie Davis, Susana Gardner, Geoffrey Gatza, Elizabeth Guthrie, j/j hastain, Jennifer Karmin, Kevin Kilroy, Ella Longpre, Travis Macdonald, Bianca Moscatelli, Jefferson Navicky, Tanya Phattyakul, Abbey Pleviak, The Pines, Jai Arun Ravine, Marthe Reed, Robert Roley, Linda Russo, Rowland Saifi, Kaia Sand, Kathrin Schaeppi, Brandon Shimoda, Danielle Vogel, & Andrew Wessels.

This summer stock issue is dedicated to the memory of our friend Akilah Oliver, an inspiring poet, performer, and educator who passed on in 2011. We are honored to include Jai Arun Ravine’s touching remembrance to Akilah in this issue.

Please keep in touch and let us know what you think of summer stock. Email us at

We hope you're enjoying a fine, productive summer, and hope to see your friendly silhouette along the field's folds sometime soon. Thank you for keeping the world safe for poetry and prose.

honk, gobble, moo,

The Livestock Editors

I think I was thinking when I was
ahead I’d be somewhere like Perry street erudite
dazzling slim and badly loved
contemplating my new book of poems
to be printed in simple type on old brown paper
feminine marvelous and tough
– Ted Berrigan, from “Sonnet XXXVI”

Friday, August 05, 2011

New Chapbook from Elizabeth Guthrie Available!

Crater 13: April 2011. Elizabeth Guthrie: X Portraits.

The new Crater, the 13th, is Elizabeth Guthrie’s X Portraits; 10 odd and unsettling lyrical non-lyric realizations of portraits of America and Britain. Accurate representations of modern life! Each copy includes an individual painted iteration by E.G. reminiscent of 3 stoppages etalon's dropped string measure; they all include a wood block by Dirk E. Lee and are letterpressed, handbound &c. Requires paperknife. £7 + p&p. Tim Atkins on Guthrie: ‘Elizabeth Guthrie’s poems - thoughtful, unusual, tender & (of course) tough - do far more interesting acrobatics than so so many of the more - shall we say? - pumped up ones. It is a joy to see her appearing in this latest Crater. Who can say no to it?’

Monday, June 06, 2011

New Journal: Buddhist Poetry Review

Buddhist Poetry Review is edited by Jason Barber. Issue 1 includes poetry by Alison Clayburn, Yvette Doss, Peter J. Greico, Paul Hostovsky, Becky Jaffe, Stephen Jones, Ed Krizek, Hal W. Lanse, J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden, Andrew K. Peterson, Ron Riekki, Stephen Rozwenc, J.R. Solonche, and A. Stein.

Friday, May 06, 2011

from a psychoanalysis discussion board content stream

along the lines of topology and psychoanalysis and poetry in this is a thought and two poems: formal topological procedures, done inexpertly and idiosyncratically within the context of language production...(this is not your standard borromean knot necessarily...but it is my own idiosyncratic formal relation as reader/writer)...these procedures, create their own remainders...and these remainders are art/artifice's unconscious/poetry...maybe? poems (both created through inexpert psychoanalytic topologies: YOUR LOVE by joseph s. cooper, There is no end to it // And this was off-putting // In the classic sense // No end to the drifting wreckage // The years of gravel roads like unfamiliar lakes // Sentiments crumbled into cursive // Fog concealing the navigable waters // With relative ease-- // The space between this figure and that figure // The marred foundations we forgot, // The wind in the rosebush cussing and coughing, // An end crawling over a universal statement // As if blown toward me, half recalled // By coupling a roadmap with the road....AND from INTO THE FURROWS by me, (in life, as soon, as // I say my) roaring shadow // (as soon as I forget) // through thought showers the steely // (other way around) blood-red // (surviving is not what we // think) rain hard through your // pores (half the body) like // eternity-teeth (deported) so deeply // (a metaphor avowing the unavowable)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Using Cut-up from Roland Barthes “a lover’s discourse: fragments”

Dear friend,

I haven’t been around lately. How are you –this memo is collecting dust in times of haste. You moved on too fast for me to catch the trail for your sent and the recollection of this comes without warning, either by effect of an unendurable image or by an abrupt sexual ejaculation – how appropriate.

I am not interested (Werther says) in my mind; you are not interested in my heart.

isaythe moment lives in memory

the lack thereof you grace my presence in pancakes and a coffee
we clink the remembrance of Derrida and share a sigh
you migrated space translucent all the bullshit and pause
Akipoet a grace amongst us all – vigilant warrior naked lady
Leaving is too soon – never enough of now

Friday, February 04, 2011

New Work

Some new writing up at Otoliths. 2 pieces from a conceptual series "31 branches", and an excerpt from a found poem-assembly, "Mist Connex".