Thursday, February 24, 2011

Using Cut-up from Roland Barthes “a lover’s discourse: fragments”

Dear friend,

I haven’t been around lately. How are you –this memo is collecting dust in times of haste. You moved on too fast for me to catch the trail for your sent and the recollection of this comes without warning, either by effect of an unendurable image or by an abrupt sexual ejaculation – how appropriate.

I am not interested (Werther says) in my mind; you are not interested in my heart.

isaythe moment lives in memory

the lack thereof you grace my presence in pancakes and a coffee
we clink the remembrance of Derrida and share a sigh
you migrated space translucent all the bullshit and pause
Akipoet a grace amongst us all – vigilant warrior naked lady
Leaving is too soon – never enough of now

Friday, February 04, 2011

New Work

Some new writing up at Otoliths. 2 pieces from a conceptual series "31 branches", and an excerpt from a found poem-assembly, "Mist Connex".