Monday, July 30, 2007

From Steiny and Spicey

  • "This made him certain"

  • "Spicer's Language"

  • Thank you PennSound!

    A Sound Called Malice
    A sound called music shows lips.
    Come and say what toughs all day. A whole few nightengale. There is no Body.
    No cut in image and sound waxen and choose burned soles and sound spats really sound divided.
    A sound linguistics makes graves. This is not mythology.
    Goddess of goddess and a triple a morphology phonology syntax bow morphology phonology tough, tough on the lips.
    If it is love then it is language and nearly misshapen in where there is a malicious afterthought.
    An Oz to Charlie Parker, noon and moon and moon. A kingdom a cold bastard a brief a phoneme paired and nearly the never and language window.
    Nearer in strict sea, nearer and farther, show separation has consonant in sight, show a vowel of children. Count, count more so that bookkeeper and bookkeeper is tough.
    I hope schoolteacher has her cow. Consonants a floating, immediately received echoes, sound leading canyons echoes.
    Cough out cough out in the heart and really father it is not for.
    Ground-rules, ground-rules, double it not phoneme more sound in when.

    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    together we tie our hands/ for Cecilia VicunĂ¡, for Ben and Kelly

    Sunlight sounds of clean silverware
    Trucks ease from intersection
    Tables set for another day
    Hours from dawn they argued over
    Bailing out and proper attire
    An empty fountain
    Relieved of the birds
    He repeated grammatical rules
    While words lettered their way
    Approaching old acquaintances
    Everyone shaking heads to the
    Same solemn rhythm
    Like an ice cube sliding towards hell
    And no one left to fight fire with fire
    She sweeps ashes into a cool breeze
    Shuffles cast iron furniture
    Out of memory’s basement
    The glue still drying
    To things attempted to be said
    So many years
    Between the air and the intention
    Someone left the windows down
    Or open
    Whichever makes sense of sensation
    Blowing hair in awkward positions
    It isn’t worth thinking too hard
    Imagine the smell of dead ladybugs
    Suddenly to a breakfast nook
    A blue house
    A neighbor you never try hard enough
    To remember
    A smell as obvious as starting a family
    No one ever dug the garden
    The corn was just there one day
    Something new to avoid with the mower
    Something symbolizing hope
    To be reminisced into significance
    Alone with the empty table
    Crowned in mid-day sun
    On the verge of an event
    More concrete
    Than surprise yields
    So we gather now
    Setting letters aside
    To offer legible flesh
    Born of separate tongues
    A new language
    The first word
    Pregnant with other words

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Searching to no avail

    Does anyone have a direct link to Michelle Ellsworth videos, in particular a) The Word Made Dress, and b) Dancer/Banana? The closest I can find is her page at UC Boulder, but the video link is disabled. If anyone has a lead on this it would be greatly appreciated.

    empty glasses of bad wine,

    Jared, I have a long letter in progress to send you regarding pedagogy and its unfortunate applications in youth treatment on the lookout.

    From Mr. Berrigan

  • "feminine marvelous and tough"
  • Monday, July 09, 2007

    unadultered joy is released into the universe via Jennifer Koshkina's new Chapbook!

    If you expect chapbooks to provide you with the ecstacy you deserve as a citizen of the galaxy, with the serial gesture of imaginative and bodily pleasure, if you expect chapbooks to bring about a performative and interactive theatre of deliberate play, to throw your mind aggressively into a state of transformation, to remind you simultaneously of Charles Olson, Vitezslav Nezval, Eleni Sikelianos, and Diane Arbus, if you expect this and more from your chappy chap chap then email us and get your copy of Periplum Maps Our Star/ Less Shores by Jennifer it it today...and prepare to become a summer baby bug, peacock farmer, a beat duck, and a royal leopard!!!

    An excerpt:

    And for one day he reined
    in delirium with trembling
    chariot control over winged horses

    She was made of cardboard
    before humans were made of elastic

    He struck lemongrass
    in a field of poppy

    They knew stars took shape from unicorns

    As he tamed carnivorous orchids
    and she shielded them from floods and rascality
    another shipmate
    mildewed in the ears
    played crossfire near their campfire
    where clutters of gold
    shifted aside to light the sunset
    of one petunia
    near his oar's blade


    (note: The flush left margin is a result of my lack of html knowledge...the poems in the book employ more lyrical attention to the line than the flush left margin reveals...much apologies to Jennifer)

    Periplum Maps Our Star/ Less Shores, by Jennifer Koshkina, at long last, is now available for trade or donation from Livestock Editions. Email the editors for your own copy or any other correspondence at:

    As of July 1st 2oo7, Livestock Editions are edited by Joseph Cooper, Elizabeth Guthrie, Jared Hayes, and Andrew Peterson: Livestock Editions are distributed out of Boulder, Co, Portland, Or, and Missoula, Mt.