Thursday, June 28, 2007

A poem by Robert Roley

for Jared Hayes

agambenjamin and creekups
without a duck
fucking paddle
stolen velocities
what keep us moving

I recieved this poem via email exactly one day after ranting to Mr. Robert Roley about history and dialectical approaches poetry etc...anyway he gets more of whatever it was i blathered on about in these 5 lines than i probably did the whole time...Gotta love Bob!

Picture of Boulder Creek directly behind Naropa taken by Tim Armentrout...this was our favorite "meditation" spot.

It reads a little differently with Roley's signature line breaks but i can't figure out how to keep em...(can anyone tell me how to do line breaks in html so that this poem reads correctly).


celestual said...

dude, when you figure that out - share with the world, all my stuff turns out wierd as well.

how's life treating you in portland?

Hayes said...

the portl's great...jen and i'll be in boulder for joe's wedding and the release of jennifer's Periplum chappy...where you gonna be?!

John Sakkis said...