Thursday, October 18, 2007

blah, blah, blah

Life is sad when there are numerous poetry readings going on in yr home city....but yr too busy to attend...damn work to hell!!!

A treacherous sun is nearly raining.

and here's gregory...cause he always makes me smile a little.


timarmentrout said...

I can see where that is frustrating. Here on the other side of the country, there are no poetry readings AT ALL. The only poet I've been able to locate in town is a crabby old bastard who thinks wind turbines will give pilots seizures...and even if there were readings, I think work would prevent me from attending them too. Though I was reading on John's blog about so many readings being hosted at people's houses, and I feel inspired by that. My house is a fucking wreck though. Constantly.

Empathy all the way my friend.

celestual said...

I think we should have our readings on the blog for each other.

John Sakkis said...


yes! DIY house readings are absolutely where it's at.

a few years ago the bay area became sort of famous for them...even craptastic poet's and writer's did a story on it...but then they died now they are making a fact, i'm hosting logan through ca conrad's 9x9 series tonight at my place...and we're competing with like three other, we're going to leave the ballgame on while logan reads, i'm going to DJ his set, e.g., he reads a line and i'm on the turntables behind him with the scratch "GODDAMN HE'S RUTHLESS!!!" or "SO WHY DOES IT GOT TO BE SO DAMN TOUGHHHH!"...and beer will be had and dancing will commence...

do a house reading! even if only you and 2 people show up...still fun.