Friday, March 07, 2008


So i know this isn't the most intimate setting for what i'm about to say, but it's the only place that many of you check regularly. i am currently facing a situation, well a number of situations that are going to affect where i decide to live come june. my wife has recently left me and decided she wants a divorce. this situation is absolutely fucked and there is no justifiable reason for its happening. i didn't do anything nor did she. strangely this is just what is going on. i am reaching out to you goons because you are my friends and i have very few here now (those of you who are here are wonderful and thank you for all your support and that to come). so let the bidding begin...where the hell should i live. i cannot afford boulder on my own after june so a move or move-in is in order. life is fucked people. but here's a new ride for a new you all.


madmedstudent said...

here's one for new beginnings Joe:

transformation doubles as infant
dark with excessive bright

vying for late receptors
so i became a pupil for the spirit

public shapes exchanged in ambush
not one voice but hundreds

engendered by mummery
immobile cyclones in their vacuum tubes

patients concealed in cryptograms
we can only say tuned or stunned

in sticky skin, diarrhea, pale urine sick from gangrenous limbs
where a single letter performs multiple sounds

refrain from appropriating weak and miserable creatures
all of them will be slandered by yr memory

timarmentrout said...

well shit joe, that is not what i expected to read. nor is it what you expected to hear, i'm sure.
however, i can relate to your feelings of massive change. while thigns are good in terms of married life, i think i may lose my job in the morning, and if that is the case, i am completely clueless and may be acceptingbids as well. i will say that wv is lovely in june, and rather cost effective in comparison to anywhere else in the world. we could start a poetic revolution here...the crowd is ready and waiting. it sounds as though new york and chicago are boding well for many of our disembodied kindred. where do you dream of existing my friend, because this is an opportunity whether it seems like it at present or not.
on a separate note, on 20/20 this past saturday there was an interesting piece on medical mysteries, and stuttering was well covered. one of the speech pathologists interviewed is the father of a former student of mine, and if you don't mind i will be sending your work on to him. if you didn't catch it, it may be of interest to you and i'm sure it's probably on line now.
but back to the point, where does the great vortex pull you? go there. until then, give a call or let me know what else i can do to support you through this fucktastical period of time.

goon mama said...

It was great to talk to you today despite how horrible everything seems to be in Joeworld. I think that you will figure out what is right for you, but I even though Michael and I will be leaving Chicago on July 13 for Prague, I'm still putting in a bid for Chicago. Micheal and I would love for you to at least stay with us for a while during your transition. We have a two bedroom apt. with room to spare, and you could decide if Chicago is right for you. We have a wonderful group of fun writer friends, including Kevin, Rowland, the house press people, and lots of non-writing but very creative kind friends and they all live in or around our neighborhood. You could inherit all of our friends and more. Plus, there are 7 universities and lots of community colleges here. Also, you don't need a car in the city and it's only a day long rental car journey away from Buffalo, and there are several Buffaloian poets to share the adventure with.

with love,

goon mama

waiting for wood said...

So sorry to hear this news joe. Naturally I'm voting for Portland - you've got friends here and the Pacific Northwest is very cool - get a whiff of that good old pacific coast air and all. Anyhow, whatever you decide on I'm sure you'll land on your feet.


jcooper said...

thanks everyone...i don't know where the hell i'll end up, i can't even tell my left from right at this point..what the fuck...what a life...

celestual said...

joe - come into denver this weekend - get a change of scenery - i'll host and rally the troops (i.e. tino and travis) i will call you again.

Elizabeth Guthrie said...

Yeah Joe, I want you to know you are loved here, too and always welcome to come and stay on our trundle bed. Missoula is fun, quirky, friendly, easy going. We could take you to readings and or up to the lake and let you paddle out to the bird islands where you could stare at open water and mountains and float amongst the other winged creatures... hang in there, be well, and I'm proud of you for reaching out - cool, everyone wants a chance to show you how much we care!

Travis said...

Mr. Cooper-

I've actually been looking for a way out of my current living situation in Denver, if that sorta thing strikes your fancy...big old room, 2 closets, private bathroom, good light, big balcony, and a quiet, conscientous roommate who is gone often (did you ever meet Tino's roommate Chad?). All for the low low price of $532.50 plus utilities per month. I'll re-iterate this offer in person this evening if you're going to Jane's.


Jamba Dunn said...

I'm putting in a bid for Bulgaria! Bulgaria: it's hot, it's hip...okay, well perhaps it's not hip, but it's probably the only place in the world where the American dollar is worth more than the local currency.

You mentioned that Buffalo sounds like a good place for you and although I would be really bummed to see you leave Boulder (ah, Boulder), you should probably go to where your heart tells you to go.

Alternatively, I also put a bid in for Montana. There is supposed to be a good writing community in Missoula.

Good luck with everything. Remember to drink too much and stay out too late before you choose to depart.