Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This quote, interestingly enough, (at least to me) is from one of Mr. Blaser's favorite philosophers, Michel de Certeau....and although, in lectures, i've never heard Blaser mention this particular book, The Mystic Fable, by this passage you might guess they've had some kind relationship psychic, mystical or otherwise...

"The music hoped for and heard, echoes in the body like an inner voice that one cannot specify by name but that transforms one's use of words. Whoever is 'seized' or 'possessed' by it begins to speak in a haunted tongue. The music, come from an unknown quarter, inaugurates a new rhythm of existence--some would say a new 'breath,' a new way of walking, a different 'style' of life. It simultaneously captivates an attentiveness from within, disturbs orderly flow of thought, and opens up or frees new spaces. There is no mystics without it. The mystic experience therefore often has the guise of a poem that we 'hear' the way we drift into dance. The body is 'informed' (gets form) from what befalls it in this way, well before the intellect becomes aware."--Michel de Certeau

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