Friday, March 13, 2009

poetry makes headlines

here's me


akp said...

Fantastix, Tim! Congratulations on this well-earned and deserved attention. Glad to see you're getting this class off the ground, & great to see a little Ginsberg & message of collaboration & community writing into the local paper. Hahah!

Oh, and great photo, too.

(Only they got Ayrella's age wrong! & yr blog-site title! Phoo!)


jcooper said...

Congrats Tim!!! This is tremendous...such a proud moment for goon poetics, the collaborative community and the hopeful reunion of like-minded people to perpetuate this notion that writing and poetry are omnipresent, creations deliberate to space and time, something young budding writers especially need to realize...well done sir!...and i owe you a phone call...