Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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and if you want to read some of silliman & co. briefly meander around (but not actually into) RecollecTed//CaGeD click here blah, blah


celestual said...

hey jared - how do i get a copy? is there a place i can purchase with paypal??

timarmentrout said...

you know, on the one hand, really fucking cool that RS is even talking about you Jared. on the other hand, does anyone else think it must get exhausting to be such a grouch? maybe these high minded discussions are beyond my simple brain, but jesus christ i really don't understand the use of shitting on everything people do. who cares if it's "new" or not...isn't that an incredibly narrow way of viewing what we, as writers/ humans produce? am i missing something that i should be getting from this? to me, this whole discussion of the "new" is a dead issue. nobody but jared hayes put the words togther in that order...we are all influenced by a myriad of things that precede the moment of documentation, such is true of anyone who ever put anything to paper. it seems to me that what is most important isn't the question of new, but the function of presented material. if he wants to like them, then like them already. it's so easy to find reasons to be critical that i just find myself wishing we would challenge ourselves to see value before fault. your thoughts jared?? goons?? (ps, word verification was "regna"...i think that is close enough to a sign that we need to get that project rolling again jared!)

trout out (bubbles breaking the surface of water)

Hayes said...

Celeste! aaahhhh, unfortunately i don't think there's any left...i wish there was one for all...nonetheless...the fromfiftyfarm madness will be published in the near future online for all to honk at! and celeste if you can't wait...i'll email you the pdf....also celeste...reading stein recently has me charged up...and i know i've dropped the ball i'll pick up the books and send somethin' off to ya soon!!

and mr. tim!!! yr comments are much appreciated!...i also believe a few unfortunate things were going on that day not just in mr. silliman's blog post....but also in the comment stream...but i do appreciate the conversation because after all...even though he didn't actually say anything about the TEXT (instead just deciding whether or not he enjoyed recent attempts at erasure like conceptuality)he did strike a nerve in the iddy biddy blogger poesy community...people really got excited for better or worse around ideas of authorship and appropriation...and of course my text is'nt supposed to be "new" and it really isn't an erasure...rather it is more about lineage (about the dead who already DID IT) attempt at a performative reading/homage to those who stole before well as being multiplicative rather than reductive....while most erasures tend to reduce the previous authors text i thought mine multiplied the readings of it...generating dynamic readings as well as types of readings...anyhow like i said before...blah, blah, etc...