Sunday, October 04, 2009

and again...

50 + 30

into the light directly with
what I knew to be
Myself light up within entirely
the length though I was
also it is this the
deepest this light, I said,
our light, is the same
as the awhile; then I
spoke again: I’m at peace
with being longer of this

world, he has left it behind the world, something the
living survival, indeterminate, indifferent, about Hear, her / Clear / Mirror, / Care?
His error. / In her / Care his error. In her, / Care /


timarmentrout said...

syllable count per stanza?

like this poem very much.

Hayes said...

yeah, tim, i'm in like zukofsky word count heaven...check these 50 word pieces...

in connection with a or
less approx- / imating a / place
that not only are two
pianists essentially everyone belongs to
all the others. forefront of
science the lesson of the
lesson. I leave my desire
stranded deeper than these gnawed
through by the consonant forests
I want to love alive

followed “threaded” meaning to the
text (and to the world
as text) and finally to
refuse god given his physical
weakness and that must be
called the tragic essence of
the human more, restricts the
realization of of philosophy. it
allows us to preoccupations, accompli
of being, being, being, being

getting out of it and,
in and human dignity that
it promises new universe and
the same Eurydice with Eros.
some hell means death-in-
life and this is anatomical
means down on my bookshelf.
turns. it takes three days
my in-breaths and then
counting my outbreaths, per minute.

Elizabeth Guthrie said...

I think a group just won the Nobel Prize for work harnessing light?!

You'd qualify I think - I mean, not having been harnessed, but having harnessed - or have you not harnessed at all, but done something else with light?