Friday, August 05, 2011

New Chapbook from Elizabeth Guthrie Available!

Crater 13: April 2011. Elizabeth Guthrie: X Portraits.

The new Crater, the 13th, is Elizabeth Guthrie’s X Portraits; 10 odd and unsettling lyrical non-lyric realizations of portraits of America and Britain. Accurate representations of modern life! Each copy includes an individual painted iteration by E.G. reminiscent of 3 stoppages etalon's dropped string measure; they all include a wood block by Dirk E. Lee and are letterpressed, handbound &c. Requires paperknife. £7 + p&p. Tim Atkins on Guthrie: ‘Elizabeth Guthrie’s poems - thoughtful, unusual, tender & (of course) tough - do far more interesting acrobatics than so so many of the more - shall we say? - pumped up ones. It is a joy to see her appearing in this latest Crater. Who can say no to it?’


Elizabeth Guthrie said...

Heyyyy! Thank you for posting this, Mr. Peterson! xo

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