Monday, November 18, 2013

Portraits - Captions by Elizabeth Guthrie Now Available!

Hey folks, Excited to pass along an announcement of a new book of poetry by one of our very own Livestock Editions editors. Elizabeth Guthrie's first full-length poetry book, Portraits - Captions is now available from Contraband Books, a small press located in the UK.

From the publisher: "Portraits - Captions: one iteration of ten from a pretext in the pursuit of a more fully realized form of poetic play. Within are the elements of a subject and its context as it is played upon and acted out in an evolution of platforms, from nation to the real present."

The book features specially commissioned cover-art by John Dunbar.

£7.99 (inc P&P) To order, visit Contraband Books here.

Congratulations, Liz!

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