Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beatrice Duckofsky translated homophonically by Gertrude Spicer

From "B-12"

is not
worth my time.

From "B-4"

This is a frame
so is this

we are framed

this is a frame
so is this

as you proceed
remember framing

for this
and this
both are frames

frames framing
so other frames may frame

From "B-17"

this is the yesterday

i wanted nothing
i wanted everything
it was better than opera
plotted over several years
in it bob barker performs

to such sizes

the gorilla has made it
into the girls bathroom

but he only holds handouts
"he whathe howhe means love"

this is the
do or not do.
It follows me like someone who hates me.
over here with the roses
over there aristotle,
peaches, as it were
it is, the mind is never found
producing movement without the will

rest or restless
does it not ask for it
again, gaining,
it is driving
Me wild.


From "B-2"

there is no bowling in boulder.


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