Saturday, November 04, 2006

for every goon i ever met but especially for reed bye

the basic problem in artistic endeavor is the tendency (to cultivate our ability) to imagine that yr mind is like a calm lake or a vast empty pure clear interpretation of blue mountain mind waves a mirror as our own mind weeds gently and precisely instructing children fantasies that neither love nor hate the attention of a flower cultivating experience of someone who lives in a bustling dried hollyhock hummingbird fog thick impermanence of a saner look at suffering the air is fresh filled withhighfalutin colorful adventures very poetic on the breath yr eyes away the monkey's shadow something outside something inside branch to branch the human realm a single breath the surest proof was put in jail which is based on emptiness and the color yellow heaven and works perception you look through a sight savage and deadly a partial definition of individuals who spread across the ceiling still seeking language which is quite rich apart from the complaints we experience it try it just zero you are not confined to a pidgeonhole.

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Hayes said...

Giorgio Agamben says, "If we just begin to observe the functioning of the mechanism of critical judgment in us, we must admit, even against ourselves, that everything our critical suggests to us before a work of art belongs precisely to this shadow. In the act of judgment that separates art from non-ar, we turn non-art into the content of art, and it is only in this negative mold that we are able to rediscover its reality.When we deny that a work is artistic, we mean that it has all the material element of a work of art with the exception of something essential on which its life depends, just in the same way that we say a corpse has all the elements of a living body, except that ungraspable something that makes of it a living being. Yet, when we actually find ourselves before a work of art, we behave unconsciously like a medical sudent who has studied anatomy only on corpses and who, faced with the pulsing organs of the patient, must mentally refer back to his dead anatomical model in order to orient himself."