Friday, February 23, 2007

movie meme

1. henry fool (hartley)
2. requiem for a dream (aronofsky)
3. punch drunk love (p.t. anderson)
4. yojimbo (kurosawa)
5. volver (almodovar)
6. all about my mother (almodovar)
7. the royal tenenbaums (wes anderson)
8. amelie (jeunet)
9. singin in the rain (?)
10. titus (julie taymore)

Thank you petey pete's for selling me some of these!!

I tag Jwhips, Guthrie, Dunlap, Armentrout, Koeneke, Coops....

And for those who care ala LRSmith, Booms, and Peterson, here is my top five baseball movies:

1. the natural
2. bull durham
3. major league 1
4. field of dreams
5. a league of their own
runners up: bad news bears, cobb, 8 men out, sandlot, all the other major leagues
Criteria: I want plot and real looking baseball...that said the main reason the runners up didn't place higher is because of the lack of skill in the actual playing of baseball, looking at worst cartoonish and at best like actors.

1 comment:

John Sakkis said...

i think my baseball movies would be in that exact order.

for super authentic baseball playing in a movie rent *61. all about roger maris and the home run record. made by billy chrystal who's an uber-fan.