Saturday, February 10, 2007

Whether or not Andrew Peterson wants his work posted, I am posting it.

FROM Moving Day


In the poem "The Painters," on page 30,
the last line has been omitted.
It should read:

unpacking my heart with words.


Yet it still came out
the way
it was supposed to:

Hair beneath tape
That fastened
those words packed
onto our musics

books & beneath
arms carried out


Hayes said...

What the Fuck?!!? I Totally just got bumrushed into doin this whole "new blogger, bullshit" and it fucked up all the contributor shit 'cept for me and booms, what THE FUCK is that about...Someone help the barnyard?!?! Get our contributors section back!

John Sakkis said...

bullshit huh? same thing happend to me.