Friday, March 23, 2007

gap time

taping together the pieces start to slip through
fingers don’t always hold on tight enough
like letters just stitched to retell the interior
it isn’t adequate this lang lung gauge or some
other smell that lingers in the sheets too many
extra pieces litter a dross filled alley to the other
part where she is stinging together the lights
make things brighter or more refulgent how do
you adhere that yesterday with the image in a
measure of phonics tripping Heidegger pulled
a straight line while Benjamin took entropy sliding
out of any resistance the reels fold into sentences
yanking chords and chopped verse for the dolls
to piece together like a Barbie closet with mix-n
match all the rules for discussion out of one, two
time picks the word picks the word gracious to
absorb slats that line up one by one in a phrase

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