Thursday, March 22, 2007

A quote on our wiring for Andrew K. Peterson.

"Like a pearl diver who descends to the bottom of the sea, not to excavate the bottom and bring it to light but to pry loose the rich and the strange, the pearls and the coral in the depths, and to carry them to the surface, this thinking delves into the depths of the past--but not in order to resucitate it the way it was and to contribute to the renewal of extinct ages. What guides this thinking is the conviction that although the living is subject to the ruin of time, the process of decay is at the same time a proces of crystallization, that in the depth of the sea, into which sinks and is disolved what once was alive, some things 'suffer a sea change' and survive in new crystallized forms and shapes that remain immune to the elements, as though they waited only for the pearl diver who will one day come down to them and bring them up into the world of the living--as 'thought fragments' as something 'rich and strange,' and perhaps even as everlasting Urphenomenon."--Hannah Arendt on Walter Benjamin.


celestual said...

i miss everyone

taping together the pieces start to slip throughfingers don’t always hold on tight enough like letters just stitched to retell the interior it isn’t adequate this lang lung gauge or some other smell that lingers in the sheets too many extra pieces litter a dross filled alley to the other part where she is stinging together the lights make things brighter or more refulgent how do
you adhere that yesterday with the image in a measure of phonics tripping Heidegger pulled a straight line while Benjamin took entropy sliding out of any resistance the reels fold into sentences yanking chords and chopped verse for the dolls
to piece together like a Barbie closet with mix-n match all the rules for discussion out of one, two time picks the word picks the word gracious to absorb slats that line up one by one in a phrase

-anyone have any good thoery? maybe some derrida to share or some barthes? residuals from thesis are starting to haunt my dreams and I am thinking of broken sentences holding onto the edge waiting for a phrase to attach or some image to transforming into the perfect letter -

Hayes said...

alas, no derrida, working my way up to linguistic systems...derrida's grammatology is after jakobsen and wittgenstein...i plan on re-reading him in conjunction with bahktin's dialogic reading of these was spotty at the ropes...but i think if i read the others first, i'll handle it well...and then have the basis i need to go back and start rereading all agamben and preziosi's stuff...right now i'm still in Benjamin's world...not to mention a lot of secondary work about his thinking...Benjamin is by far the most intriguing to me, as well as being quite the catalyst and reference for my poetics...i imagine a person might find out all they need about my writing and thinking by simply getting to know Benjamin, his ideas of collecting and translation, his dialectics of time, the arcades as well as the work of art in the age of mechanical celestual if you want theory all i can say is read it...barthes of course is a classic...but if yr looking for a feminist theorist of narrative i might suggest mieke bal...of course cixous, butler, haraway, trinh minh ha, etc...these are my favs.