Sunday, August 19, 2007

hail to the king of neckbeards

jared, i didn't have the camera or i would've photographed him for you.

so it's state fair week here in west-by-god-virginia, meaning that the freakies come out of the woodwork and descend on the town of lewisburg, where i now call home. what a show, but by far the best of all strange sightings occurred in the go-mart parking lot yesterday evening while purchasing beer and other provisions. see, there are livestock competitions during the fair, big to do if that's what you do. farmers from everywhere. and so this gentleman in the car beside us has a trailer of animals attached to his truck...sheep i think. i spotted him as i was exiting the store and at first, casual glance i thought he was, for reasons unknown to me, wearing a santa beard that was in the process of falling off. as i got into my car and could look closer without being obvious about it, i saw that not only was his beard real, coming down past his chest in the amish style, but his chin was totally clean. shiny even. his beard started in normal location, by the ears and covering the cheeks, but it didn't meet in the middle until his adam's apple. anselm hollo eat your heart out!

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