Thursday, August 16, 2007

that petal noise

and they say all talk

you know the flowers

making diagonal traces along the aorta to the femur

mouth pressed left thigh

arm shock therapy for the slow bent

in the places

she mem picks letter after letter to fill the vase

a conversation that takes a long time

braids are eaiser than paragraph

make a noun move and then just verb

because the eloquence of stylizing the memory

yes the almost adverb: just tell me when!

like the flower talk in that journal where they

like the power spot in the underwater

you cannot breathe with a mouth full of words

knot with line the walls in string and tell me a story

of cybergenics and Derrida so we can build it back together

take the comma and splice it with the last Canto

corso would just laugh and throw bottles in the air

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Hayes said...

much love for the Gregory!