Friday, February 29, 2008

New Old Modernist Stylie In Collaboration with Andrew K. Peterson's Poet "Y"

Poem beginning, "The"

Place projects on "The"

Mantle of "The"

are the fictions
of our reactions
anything but tepid

one, two, three, four

flossed dialecticalwilderness es
gravity of

its sideline of dismemberment
softness of delinquence


a critique
geo geode geogy geoga geogi etc. etc....
this whines almost gone

don't you think we'll be Her again
Her story as such peace tomorrow v.

yesterdays balzy
rhetoric of plague
econ and crush
red red red red red red red red five six seven eight
defeated in or by blood
remember it bare and touch ing itself as
whorled upon

us against
as selfs

believed nomads.

1 comment:

akp said...

Thank you.
but who, or
is my
"Poet Y"?