Sunday, February 24, 2008

this academy is a racket

who needs a checkup?
no insurance needed

in the mouth tongues are sleeping through the grinding
interpreted to mean a shaking having broken off

broken on bound downwards toward the bones
keeping together speaking waxed poetic

of that flesh mountain aflame in pharynx
blown in obedience scraping glass

the frame or physical part man, animal
something around her wrists pressed against a flash of mouth

straight through the trunk distinct twilight fibres
discharged in quick succession

one piece tight fitting dogtown
citational bodies bullwhip corresponding clit

vague elevators a corporation in transit
blotting descent with three in the back two in the head


disallow meaning after the handsaw
across the flocculus no human community

the tangle of handcuffs deforms the studded tongue
enthusiasms halyards yanking out the eyes

disfiguring the little pair with early ruin
woods woods ocean damage damage dismember

pure rag in the gutter of meat traffic
maximus phallic from the old holdings momentum

the audience throttled in found objects
you have a long nose from which to bleed

head downward follows partial objects home
bones nests drudgeries circles of black ever outward

gutted undone against the ear of the other
if you don't let us, death will, by shitting. endlessly
down yr throat


celestual said...

something around her writst pressed around a flash of mouth two times the movement dictated skin forceps and teeth on the right shoulder walk three steps lean view of the politicians with goldfish - bobble bobble - it's a measure of dainty and bicep yearly awards made silver cream pastries

Hayes said...

everyone of us silver cream pastries!