Thursday, May 01, 2008

sexually violating memory games

So here I go thinking again. What is violence in language and how, as a writer do you articulate uncomfort throurh language without isolating? And, probably more to the point, why, as a writer, should you even care about this violation?

Joseph Cooper gave me some deep thoughts at this past weekends in.tim.ate series. (Yeah Jamba for hosting and being such a driving force!)

Ok, back to the ideas - violence + sex + language + memory = sexually violating memory games - all part of poetry, right?

"your tongue doing things you didn't think it could"

can one use language to experience physicality? I think this is something I have played with for some time- the smut poems I write or the pseudo-romantic luv poems attempt at re-creating fabricated memory moments that interact with the reader evoking a sense of touch, taste, smell...well, maybe i have not yet gotten the smell part down, but the taste/touch i think possibly. Actually, to digress - who has achieved smell in their writing?? anyone? anyone? bueller?

point of interest in the lecture: hair is dead/ we all have deadness - we run our fingers through our lover's deadness (i.e. their lushous locks of dead string - gross).

memory as dismembered body - i gave my left forearm to the other body

"fuck love mustard and swap self infliction" - Touch Me by Joe Cooper

"I've agreed to run my tongue along your scar" - Cunt Ups by Dodie Bellamy

I think this last quote might just end up being the impetus for a new piece of writing - i have to say it is just yummy.

Joe did a splendid job of provoking the audience and compelling interaction with the content - makes me wonder if you can inherit a stutter or if this impediment in language causes a default of more precision when articulating. Like the disruption actually creates a space for creation and in that a breadth of betterment...

- this has been a series of deep thougths by celestual.

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