Saturday, May 17, 2008

Slumgullion Issue 4!

ISSUE FOUR IS DONE. And here it is.....It isn't available everywhere yet because we have not yet made enough to stock both the Bookmobile and Haus Frau. These are wayyyy labor intensive so they are taking a while to get enough together. But if you want one, they are $10, and you can either buy one from Courtney Blazon at her booth at the Saturday Market, or from the Bookmobile there, or at upcoming events. Soon to be at Haus Frau as well! Very soon. See below the photo for updates on recent events, upcoming plans, and so on!

Did you know there is a real treasure map inside that leads to a real treasure buried in Missoula? Did you also know that you will find work by Courtney Blazon, Katie Ludwick, Nabil Kashyap, Jonathan Marquis, collaborations by Liz Guthrie & Andy Peterson, and that the cover is made by Kayla i dont know her last name? And more? Yes, there is more.
[from, Missoula, MT]
LIZ & ANDY to read poetry on the radio!
In support of forthcoming collaborative chapbook,
(more details on the book soon....)
Thursday, May 22, 8-10 p.m. KBGA 89.9 FM, Missoula, Montana

1 comment:

timarmentrout said...

andy that book looks fuckin awesome.

and your radio reading is on my birthday. pardon my techno-idiocy, but is there a way i can tune in from here???

also, considering i am not around either the bookmobile or the booth on saturday, and that my birthday is approaching and people are willing to spend money on me, can i direct someone to the web site for purchase?

take care man.