Friday, May 04, 2012

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The Dead Love: Hands and More Hands Together
by Jared Hayes
Publisher: Black Radish Books
ISBN: 9780982573198
Price: $15.00

Available at:
Small Press Distribution

"I understand Jared Hayes is conducting here a deep spelunking into connected caverns of other texts. What I don't yet quite grasp is how he's articulated all the ropes, quickdraws, carabiners, hexes, cams, and sundry poetical devices to work in such syntactically spectacular ways. 'I root up (I have brought them) landinwards, hither (I will make them resound here.)' And that's just at the first drop, barely in, still fathoms to go.... Well, some people have the ambition and guts and others just watch. I could say 'tour de force' from my spectator chair, but that wouldn't really do. So I'll say, as a first handle on it, that THE DEAD LOVE joins the masterpieces of John Cage, Jackson Mac Low, Susan Howe, and Ronald Johnson as one of the most exhilarating 'citational' explorations ever made in American poetry." —Kent Johnson

Jared Hayes lives in Portland, Oregon. hayes is the author of The Dead Love (Black Radish Books) and Bandit forthcoming from Little Red Leaves’ Textile Series. He believes collectivity and community are important and so is a member of Dusie Kollectiv, Black Radish Books, and Livestock Editions. Jared's poems can be found.

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