Friday, October 27, 2006

All This Falling Away--Section 2

Cautious steps
Through snow dust
Early Monday
Dark fades from mountaintops
New day’s nausea
Disorienting sleep
Walk slowly into graves
Convinced of morning’s
Cruel signature
Sunburst pain
Explosion above the hips
Dawn abandoned hope
Like milked excuses

A desire for stomachs
Calm as Tuesday
Cold breakfast in the snow
Reinventing ritual
With a hand shovel
Sage and crystals
Burial before earth freezes
The preservation of life
Does not guarantee its quality
Laboratory rejection
Is still a death sentence
By glory and illusion
Rising with winter sun

Disastrous leadership
Scanned crowds down lines
Of pointed fingers
The search for home
Where blame can rest
On thieves of Wednesday’s innocence
Responsibility minimized
Sliding in and out of back doors
Shadowed compassion
History has been shaved
Sounds of bone echo
Memories of meat
Refusal to admit
Flesh is an opaque veil

Late eyes
Lifted thick from frost
Pre dawn doors frozen open
Visions of breath
Crystallized shift to higher gear
Climbing red lines
Into white hills
Ground crunch beneath
Boot heel
Silent exodus
Through Thursday’s routine
Ceremonies of movement
Break like language
Into cold air

Blindfolded formless dawn
Without light
Conversations break into divisions
Sidelined dark intentions
To howl in solitude
Obliterate the sun
Speeding through a thunderstorm
In a cardboard box
Symbolizing nothing
The actions of dismemberment
Rain falls on Friday
A universe laments
The sin of imagining purity
When hands eliminate space

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