Monday, July 30, 2007

A Sound Called Malice
A sound called music shows lips.
Come and say what toughs all day. A whole few nightengale. There is no Body.
No cut in image and sound waxen and choose burned soles and sound spats really sound divided.
A sound linguistics makes graves. This is not mythology.
Goddess of goddess and a triple a morphology phonology syntax bow morphology phonology tough, tough on the lips.
If it is love then it is language and nearly misshapen in where there is a malicious afterthought.
An Oz to Charlie Parker, noon and moon and moon. A kingdom a cold bastard a brief a phoneme paired and nearly the never and language window.
Nearer in strict sea, nearer and farther, show separation has consonant in sight, show a vowel of children. Count, count more so that bookkeeper and bookkeeper is tough.
I hope schoolteacher has her cow. Consonants a floating, immediately received echoes, sound leading canyons echoes.
Cough out cough out in the heart and really father it is not for.
Ground-rules, ground-rules, double it not phoneme more sound in when.

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