Monday, July 09, 2007

unadultered joy is released into the universe via Jennifer Koshkina's new Chapbook!

If you expect chapbooks to provide you with the ecstacy you deserve as a citizen of the galaxy, with the serial gesture of imaginative and bodily pleasure, if you expect chapbooks to bring about a performative and interactive theatre of deliberate play, to throw your mind aggressively into a state of transformation, to remind you simultaneously of Charles Olson, Vitezslav Nezval, Eleni Sikelianos, and Diane Arbus, if you expect this and more from your chappy chap chap then email us and get your copy of Periplum Maps Our Star/ Less Shores by Jennifer it it today...and prepare to become a summer baby bug, peacock farmer, a beat duck, and a royal leopard!!!

An excerpt:

And for one day he reined
in delirium with trembling
chariot control over winged horses

She was made of cardboard
before humans were made of elastic

He struck lemongrass
in a field of poppy

They knew stars took shape from unicorns

As he tamed carnivorous orchids
and she shielded them from floods and rascality
another shipmate
mildewed in the ears
played crossfire near their campfire
where clutters of gold
shifted aside to light the sunset
of one petunia
near his oar's blade


(note: The flush left margin is a result of my lack of html knowledge...the poems in the book employ more lyrical attention to the line than the flush left margin reveals...much apologies to Jennifer)

Periplum Maps Our Star/ Less Shores, by Jennifer Koshkina, at long last, is now available for trade or donation from Livestock Editions. Email the editors for your own copy or any other correspondence at:

As of July 1st 2oo7, Livestock Editions are edited by Joseph Cooper, Elizabeth Guthrie, Jared Hayes, and Andrew Peterson: Livestock Editions are distributed out of Boulder, Co, Portland, Or, and Missoula, Mt.


Logan Ryan Smith said...


John Sakkis said...

i second that.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

and, mr. hayes, mr. peterson, mr. cooper, and ms. guthrie, i, of course, would love a copy of this beautiful book.


let me know what i can send y'alls way.

celestual said...

hey guys - this press sounds awesome!! anything in the works to follow? I definately want one of these bad boys :)

gina said...

Yeah, how do I get one?

jared, elizabeth, andy, joe said...

gina, either email us at leave your address (if you like) in this comment stream and we'll get you one!

Black Lodge said...

Please send me one:
2119 W. North Ave. #2R
Chicago, IL