Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Searching to no avail

Does anyone have a direct link to Michelle Ellsworth videos, in particular a) The Word Made Dress, and b) Dancer/Banana? The closest I can find is her page at UC Boulder, but the video link is disabled. If anyone has a lead on this it would be greatly appreciated.

empty glasses of bad wine,

Jared, I have a long letter in progress to send you regarding pedagogy and its unfortunate applications in youth treatment on the lookout.


Hayes said...

I'll be on the lookout for that letter legnbass! And thanks for giving Michelle Elllsworth a shout...I haven't thought about dancer/banana, or the word made in a while...remember that religion about the oval she started and sang hymns about!! Freakin' hilarious....and i wish that the cu link worked, but no luck...all i know is that you can maybe do some crazy request through the Naropa library to try and have one of the tapes from the archives copied and sent to you...but even then weren't those pieces projected on a wall in PAC? Man you should just email her...have her send you the em'...and post right here on the barnyard!!!
much love to the legnbass! Say hello to yr familypeops...

timarmentrout said...

Thanks man! Hi back to you and yours.