Friday, December 07, 2007

for andy



timarmentrout said...

i was listening to ted as i was shopping for groceries this evening...readings of the sonnets from the "howls, raps and roars" box set that i was telling you about.
i had never noticed the lines from Prospero in The Tempest before, but tonight i was able to id them right off. I taught that play and took students to watch a performance 4 or 5 times last year.
i have a holiday collaboration idea that i would like to pursue with all of us goons if everyone is willing and able. the box set mentioned above is a 4 disc collection from the SF Renaissance...a disc of Lenny Bruce, a disc of Allen, and two discs of several poets including an incredible reading from Lew Welch, some Philip Whalen, and many others. So my idea is something of a chain letter, so as to save myself blank cd's and money...sorry to be so miserly, but times are tight. I would burn copies and mail to Jared, Jared could burn and mail to Andy, Andy to Joe, Joe to Michael and Jen, Michael and Jen to Celeste, Celeste to Tino, etc. Are you down?
Jared, can you e-mail me your address to and i'll get this chain linking, as it were.

peace and blessings

celestual said...

me likee the idea
let's get 'er going!

Hayes said...

ha and i'm in to the chain idea...did you know that that is how jena osman's and juliana spahr's magazine chain started out?...who knows what sort of telephonesque accumulation my build up in this venture!!

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