Tuesday, December 11, 2007

body in the body

this is my son. he'll be born in april. it occurs to me that i may not have spread this news. we've known for a while. this sonogram was taken today, when we learned his gender. right now we're referring to him as Captain Flameboy, but if anyone has any good names in mind, we're all ears.

peace and blessings


DUSIE said...

first off congrats!!! and he is already so sweet, sucking his thumb! Stella looked like she was flipping us off in a similar shot.

Asking for names advice... I bet you are kidding, but here are some of my well-kept gems...doubt they'll ever come into use unless I get a cat, so if they strike ya, steal em! Captain Flameboy? yikes!

Oscar (Oz, Ozzy)
Pascal (Pace: peace)
Percy (short for Percival)

keep us posted!

DUSIE said...

oh and Jasper!!!

Hayes said...

WooHooo! legnbass!!! my boy name choices for ya are gertrude, michel, also jasper, jacques, spicer...but mainly just gertrude...Much love to the family!

Elizabeth Guthrie said...

Wow Tim! Wholy egads! That's amazing - I'm so happy for you, congratulations and much love to you and your family.

John Sakkis said...

congrats timo!

you should call the kid "anselmhollo" (first name, no spaces, all lower caps)...

or HOMER (all caps)...

jcooper said...

congrats brother, wish you and your family all the best. much love brother.

waiting for wood said...

congrats Tim.

First, not gertrude. The kid's gotta live with the name and like it or don't you'd be insuring a hellacious childhood. To protect yourself you'd have to tell him that "uncle jared" suggested the name. Then, eighteen years from now, embittered and alienated by his childhood experiences, he's gonna go gunning for uncle jared. end of story.

I like soren - as in the danish. Also dmitri (numerous ways to spell it I think). I'm also partial to the french jean or jacques, though getting english speakers to use the softer j may be hard. For a less foreign ring think about cole.

In any event, all the best.

timarmentrout said...

Just wanted to say thanks to all for the kind thoughts and suggestions. And a special thank you to Bob for pointing out the torture a small boy from West Virginia would no doubt endure with the name Gertrude. Dually noted. No offense Jared...I see the point, but Bob's right.

And another special thank you to Sakkis...anselmhollo all lower case, no spaces is my favorite suggestion so far. I wonder if he'd be born with a neck beard?

peace and blessings

celestual said...

hey tim - congrats! I like dimitri - that's my vote or maybe nikolas or winston or gabriel

regardless, I am sure it will he will be a spitfire, if he takes after you ;p

again, congrats and cheers!

Logan Ryan Smith said...

congrats, tim!

some name ideas:

will clark