Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Hello Goons, Friends and All,

Just wanted to extend my best wishes to all of you during this holiday season. You are all sincerely missed you barnyarders and visitors of the farm. i'm here in buffalo wearing beige corduroys and a v-neck sweater drinking gin and reading a little holiday Chinaski. Hope everyone has a fine new year and starts off January 1st tugging the tits of our muse...cheers.


Hayes said...

right back at ya joe boy! Jen and I send out holidy love to yall wherever ye may be....we're livin' it up out here in Maine....yup...hangin out across the country with Jen's family...sans chinaski....but sure enough that ol' new englander emily dickinson has made a surprise visit!!! but i'll have more about her in the future....Much love from us and a happy holidays to all you animals!
Jared and Jen

timarmentrout said...

ditto to all.

joe, i got yr book for christmas.

tittie tugs, tim